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Walnut, brass dial
H: 93.5″; W: 19″; D: 9.5″

An early walnut clock from Mendham, New Jersey made by Lebbeus Dodd (1739-1816). The Dodds were a family of scientists and mathematicians described as “remarkable for their ingenuity” in the publication, “History of Morris County”. Dodd was a Captain in the Artillery in the Revolutionary War, but was detached by George Washington to establish an armory for the repair and manufacture of muskets in recognition of his mechanical talents. After the war he returned to Mendham and continued his career as a maker of clocks and watches, scientific instruments and surveying equipment.
Inscribed on the brass dial is “Made by Lubbeus Dodd for Doct. Ebeneezer Blatchley/ Mendham”. Dr. Blatchley (1735-1805) was a Mendham resident who served as a surgeon in the Revolutionary War, was a founder of the New Jersey Medical Society and established his own health resort at a locally famous mineral spring.
The clock has an 8-day movement, finely decorated dial and a simple but elegant walnut case with a well proportioned sarcophagus top.