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Works signed by Hugh Bigham (1742-1793)
​Walnut, silvered and brass dial
8-day moon dial
H: 98.5″; W: 20″; D: 10″
Circa 1770

This clock face is inscribed Hugh Bigham/Marsh Creek. Marsh Creek was an early settlement of York County, inhabited primarily by Scots-Irish and despite the distance to the county seat, citizens of this area were prominent and influential in county affairs. The Bighams were among these early settlers from Ireland and several family members were buried in the Presbyterian cemetery as early as the 1740s. It wasn’t until the 1780’s that James Gettys laid out the town of Gettysburg, and clockmaker Hugh Bigham purchased lot 79 on Chambersburg Street.

The similarities of this case in construction and decoration to other York cases, including a Rudolph Spangler clock in our inventory suggest there was a high level of mobility in the large area of York County. A cabinetmaker or shop within the orbit York city likely produced these stylish cases for local clockmakers or clients.