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Oil on canvas
Reproduction walnut and gilt frame
H: 27.5″; W: 32.5″

We have acquired four oil paintings by Baltimore artist Edward Sachse (1804-1873) directly from his descendents. Previously known only as a lithographer, these four paintings and one that remains with the family are the only known oil paintings by this artist. This view shows a an immigrant’s “blockhouse” or cabin located on the river which provided a lifeline to the outside world. This group of paintings date to the mid-1860’s when Edward traveled to Missouri to visit his sons, Julius and Edward who settled there after serving in the Civil War. Excellent condition.

Edward and his brother Theodore (d. 1891) operated Sachse & Bro. between 1850-1890 a firm that produced popular prints including three struck from this group of paintings. They also made some of the finest maps of Washington and Baltimore during the period, and produced views of other American cities including St. Louis. These paintings reflect the decorative nature and attention to detail necessary for the fine lithographs published by the company.