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Circa 1870
Mahogany with satinwood banding
Height: 48”

Barometer signed J. Somalvico & Co./16 Charles St/Hutton Garden London. A mahogany wood case with a broken arch pediment, brass finials and a large silver-plated brass dial engraved with meteorological indications and two hands. The first one is directly connected to the barometric tube and indicates the atmospheric pressure, the second one, operated by a knob placed under the large meteorological dial, acts as a reading vernier to check the variation of atmospheric pressure over time. Above is a clock with Roman numerals on white enameled metal. Above the clock is a silver-plated brass thermometer calibrated from 0 ° to 120 ° Fahrenheit. Above the thermometer is a small hygrometer dial to measure humidity. A spirit level embedded in the base of the barometer is for the correct positioning of the instrument on the wall, with the name of the manufacturer. An first rate scientific instrument with all the bells and whistles.